One of the most common things a dentist must do is pull a tooth. Nobody wants to have a tooth pulled, but extractions are a big part of oral healthcare, and you can bet that if your dentist has to remove a tooth, it is for a very good reason. After all, the main goal of your dentist is to save teeth, not take them away. Still, there are many reasons why pulling a tooth may be the necessary and safest option, so if you come to us at Sunset Valley Dental in Woodstock, VT, feel free to talk with the dentist about tooth extraction and why it needs to be done.

You should also know that there are two types of extractions: simple, complex, or surgical. Depending on which one you must have done, you may be in and out of the dentist’s office in a few minutes or need specialty care and surgery. In either case, one of our dentists here at Sunset Valley Dental will help you prepare and review all the details with you beforehand.

Refrain from trusting your tooth extractions to anyone; if you live in Woodstock, VT, stop by and see us today.

How Do I Prepare For a Tooth Extraction?

How you prepare for a tooth extraction depends on the extraction type you need. Most basic extractions are done in the dentist’s chair and may be part of a routine visit if the dentist deems it necessary. Before the procedure, the dentist will review your dental and medical history and thoroughly examine you. If an extraction is required, the dentist will discuss the procedure with you based on your specific needs.

Surgical extractions take more time and planning. If the dentist finds that the tooth has become impacted and cannot pull it out by hand, it may need to be surgically removed. They will set you up for a surgical consult and then review the details with you. On the day of the surgery, you will be given anesthesia, and the tooth will be removed by opening the area where the tooth is and pulling it or cutting it out.

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