Sometimes, if you’re trying to fix your smile after you’ve lost some of your teeth, you want to avoid dealing with a whole bunch of hassle, multiple appointments, or even oral surgery. Instead, you want a quick and easy solution that works for millions of other patients who have lost some or all of their teeth. If this sounds like you, then you need to head to Sunset Valley Dental and ask about partials and full dentures in Woodstock, VT. We have various tooth restoration choices, some of which can be ready on the same day.

We are here, ready to evaluate your needs and find the right option that works for you. We understand that some patients do not want to wait months to get their smile back and that the expense and the thought of surgery are not suited for everyone. That’s why a partial or full denture may be the right option for you. Before you decide, call or come by Sunset Valley Dental in Woodstock, VT, and talk with one of our dentists about the best option for you.

How Does Getting a Partial or Denture Work Today?

Nowadays, getting a partial denture is easier than ever. Thanks to computer-assisted technology, you can get a full set of dentures in as little as a day. A computer scan of the patient’s mouth is taken, and the lab creates the denture—no more messy dental impressions or waiting weeks to get your new teeth.

For those looking for something a bit more durable, though, we have more premium partials and dentures made of higher-grade materials and custom fitted to be as comfortable as possible. These dentures take longer to make, but you could not ask for more in terms of comfort and durability. Depending on your choice, the dentist will guide you through the process, tell you what to do next, and tell you about your dentures.

Partial Denture
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