An estimated 22 percent of Americans avoid the dentist because of fear and anxiety. You will likely feel anxious and uneasy about the procedure when scheduled for dental implants. It is understandable to have such a feeling considering that dental implant placement involves surgically inserting metal screws or posts into the bone. One easy solution to help eliminate your dental fear of dental implants procedure or other treatments is to be sedated.

At Sunset Valley Dental, we provide IV sedation for tooth implant procedures, ensuring that our patients are comfortable and calm and feel no pain during surgery. Our IV Sedation for dental implants in Woodstock, VT, is provided after a consultation.

Dental Implants and Sedation

Dental implant surgery is considered a technique-sensitive procedure, requiring a still, stable environment so the dentist can deliver results properly. We see IV sedation dentistry in Woodstock, VT, as a great choice for those receiving dental implants at our office. Intravenous sedation provides a comfortable, safe, and effective method of sedation, ensuring maximum access and control over the implant procedure by the dentist.

A patient cannot disrupt or interfere with the dentist during the procedure. We recommend IV sedation for very anxious patients, need multiple implants placed, or we need to work on a full mouth implant surgery.

What is IV Sedation, and How Do We Administer It?

After ascertaining that you are a good fit for dental implants, we give you sedation medication and anesthetic. Intravenous sedation is a conscious sedation given via a tube attached to a vein. It is also called twilight sleep or monitored anesthesia care and is applied in most dental procedures that don’t need deeper general anesthesia.

If you have too much anxiety or fear around dentists, you will likely fidget, squirm, or move around when dental implants are being surgically inserted. These things can impact how the dentist does the procedure and the results. IV sedation allows our dentist to work on your mouth and place the implants without these possible mishaps. As such, we provide you with the highest quality tooth implant placement treatment.

Different medications are utilized for IV conscious sedation, and our dentist in Woodstock, VT, chooses the right one based on the dental implant procedure, your needs, and general health.

How It Feels to Have IV Sedation

A patient remains relaxed and very calm during their dental implant surgery. The patient remains conscious and responsive. They can breathe and can still respond to instructions from the dentist. A patient is usually in a very deep state of relaxation and, at times, may not even recall much about the procedure after it is completed. Make sure to have someone who can ride you home after the treatment because IV sedation takes some time to wear off, usually up to 24 hours.

Incidents Where We Use IV Sedation in Dental Implants

There are various situations where IV sedation may be used in dental implant procedures. First, our dentist may utilize intravenous sedation during pre-implantation treatments such as bone grafting and tooth extractions. Bone grafting is required if an individual has insufficient bone to support and securely hold the implants in place. Extractions are done when teeth are badly damaged and have to be pulled so that we can replace them with dental implants.

We recommend IV sedation during the surgery because it gives you deeper relaxation and no discomfort or pain. Our IV sedation implant dentist recommends this sedation for all tooth implant surgeries, including single, multiple, and full-mouth tooth implants.

Post-implant emergencies that require a rework of your dental implants can arise. You may get an accident that knocks the implants, making them loose. We utilize IV sedation to calm you down and make you immobile while performing the delicate and complex procedure of restoring loose dental implants.

Talk to us at Sunset Valley Dental about sedation dentistry for dental implants and other procedures we perform!

Sedation Dentistry
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