Do you know when to go to an emergency dentist and when to wait? Knowing the difference between what a dental emergency looks like and what is minor can save you from much pain and suffering. Finding emergency dentistry in Woodstock, VT, is easy; you only have to come to us at Sunset Valley Dental. One of our dentists can take care of you immediately, no matter what type of emergency you are experiencing.

Believe it or not, dental emergencies are quite common and happen for several reasons. The problem is most patients only realize they are dealing with an emergency once it is too late.

What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

It can be tough to know what a dental emergency is without asking a dentist. Our dentists at Sunset Valley Dental in Woodstock, VT, can help you if you ever encounter a situation and are unsure, but here are some basic things to look out for.

First, any unexplained pain, soreness, or bleeding is a dental emergency. If you do not know why the pain is happening, chances are you have an underlying problem that wasn’t diagnosed and need emergency help. Another sign is pain or bleeding that continues for too long after a dental procedure. Most healing is done within a few days after a dental procedure, so if you are still suffering a week or two later, something else likely needs attention.

Breaking a tooth is a dental emergency. The longer a tooth remains broken, the more likely it is to suffer more damage or become infected, not to mention the excruciating pain you will be in.

One last issue to look out for is losing a dental appliance like a bridge or retainer. When this happens, you risk undoing the dental work that you have done if you wait too long to get a replacement. Dental appliances are meant to stay in your mouth to keep teeth healthy.

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