Reliable, secure, and offering lifelike solutions, dental implants are the most sought-after dental restorations incomparable to no other tooth replacement choice. Dental implants are mounted into the jawbone through a surgical procedure, offering the stability needed to chew, smile, and speak naturally. At Sunset Valley Dental, we safely and professionally place dental implants in Woodstock, VT, to allow patients to fill gaps in their smiles, restore their abilities to speak and eat without dentures and save bone and surrounding teeth.

Dental Implant Process

After evaluation and determining that you are fit for dental implants, our dentist makes an incision in the gum tissue within the gap to insert a titanium or zirconia post into the jawbone. For around 3 to 6 months, the post integrates with the bone. After the two osseointegrate, it becomes the tooth’s root. Our implant specialists will fabricate dental crowns mounted on the implant with an abutment or connector piece.

Sometimes, when you have insufficient bone, our dentists do bone grafting to regrow the resorbed bone and increase its volume to allow it to hold the implant securely. Suppose you have a tooth extracted before placing an implant; in that case, the cavity left within the jawbone is filled with skeletal material that integrates with the bone in about two months, allowing the preserved bone ridge to become ready for implant placement.

We place single tooth implants, multiple implants, and even full mouth implants or All-on-4® implants. Talk to us about tooth implants in Woodstock, VT, and our dentists will provide all the necessary details and information.

Dental Implants Services

Today developments in implant dentistry have provided many alternatives to tooth replacement. Sunset Valley Dental offers quality, stable, and long-lasting dental implants that promote your bite function, oral health, and smile appearance. Our qualified implant placement team will ensure your restoration is placed safely and serves you for the longest time possible.

We understand that dental implants involve surgery, so we provide sedation dentistry like oral sedation or intravenous IV sedation to keep you calm and pain-free throughout the procedure. Our state-of-the-art imaging system obtains 3D images of the mouth to help map out the best treatment for dental implants.

Before placing a dental implant, we evaluate you to see that you are a candidate and have the required jawbone volume for secure fitting of the implants. Visit us to discuss your tooth replacement in Woodstock, VT, and see what dental implants can serve you best. Every case is unique, as are everyone’s dental implant placement needs.


At Sunset Valley Dental, we safely fit mini dental implants in Woodstock, VT. Mini dental implants are chosen because of their size. Despite their small size, mini implants work similarly to traditional full-size implants. They are fabricated of titanium or zirconia material that fuses and bonds with the jawbone after insertion. Mini dental implants are uniquely fabricated to hold dental restoration without complex surgery.

You can choose mini implants if you have one or several missing teeth. Those currently using traditional dentures and would want them to be retrofitted to become implant-supported restorations can consider mini tooth implants. Further, people with insufficient jawbone volume capable of holding and fusing with regular implants and who don’t want to have bone grafting can opt for mini dental implants.

The Procedure

Receiving mini dental implants is similar to having traditional implants placed. Our dentists first numb you and offer sedation as required. Since mini implants are very small, our dentists don’t have to incise the gums. Instead, they insert the implant screws or set of implants right through the gum tissue to reach the bone and fasten them. As such, a patient has a shorter healing time with reduced odds of infections and other complications. Once the tiny implant posts are inserted, our implant specialists immediately attach the prosthesis, which could be a crown, denture, or the modified version of the existing denture you have had.

Visit our dental office to be evaluated for mini tooth implants in Woodstock, VT, today!

Dental Implants
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