Some dental issues can be resolved with noninvasive treatments; others require minimally invasive to more invasive treatments. At Sunset Valley Dental, we plan every treatment based on the specific needs of the patients. Our dental practice has the resources, including qualified dental surgeons in Woodstock, VT, and modern tools and equipment to facilitate safe, professional surgical procedures.

Whether you want to replace missing teeth with lifelike solutions such as tooth implants or your wisdom tooth has started bringing problems like infection, discomfort, or pain, our dental surgeon can provide surgical procedures in Woodstock, VT, to address these issues.

What Issues Do We Address with Oral Surgery?

Many things can necessitate oral surgery at our dental office, including:

  • Gum disease
  • Missing teeth
  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Impacted teeth
  • Badly broken teeth
  • Bone loss in the jaw
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders – TMDs
  • Sleep apnea
  • Oral cancer

Types of Oral Surgery We Perform?

Many types of dental surgeries are performed at our dental office. Among the common ones are dental bone grafts, tooth extractions, corrective jaw surgery, periodontal surgery, dental implants, and sleep apnea surgery.

Tooth Extractions: Our priority is to save natural teeth where possible. However, sometimes, extractions become necessary to enhance your oral health. We may recommend tooth removal if you have severe tooth decay, dental trauma, periodontitis, or wisdom teeth complications. Sometimes, we suggest removing some of your teeth if there is overcrowding and you want to start wearing braces or Invisalign®. If you are preparing to receive dentures or dental implants, we may perform some tooth extractions to remove the teeth that are badly damaged and need replacement. Our tooth extraction is pain-free since we utilize sedation dentistry.

Dental Bone Grafts: After your bone has resorbed and deteriorated, our dentists in Woodstock, VT, may rebuild it using bone grafts. Bone loss may arise when you stay without teeth for a long time because tooth roots do not stimulate the jawbone. A dental bone graft helps bring more bone volume within the jawbone, allowing dental implants to be fitted later.

Dental Implants Surgery: When replacing teeth with tooth implants, our dental surgeons conduct a surgical procedure to insert and fasten the screws into the jawbone. These screws are fabricated of titanium or zirconia and are the ones that take the place of teeth roots. After the implant screws have healed, we place dental crowns, dentures, or bridges to complete the procedure.

Periodontal Surgery: We may suggest surgery for moderate to severe periodontitis. During the procedure, our oral surgeons make incisions along the gumline to open up the tissue and move it back from the teeth to perform thorough cleaning. Periodontal surgery helps clean the teeth’ roots and flush away bacteria and plaque residing under the gums.

Corrective Jaw Surgery: Our oral surgery in Woodstock, VT, also entails corrective jaw surgery to correct facial imbalances and misalignments and improve chewing function. Also referred to as orthognathic surgery, corrective jaw surgery can also be utilized to ease pain linked to TMJ disorders.

Sleep Apnea Surgery: A patient may have obstructive sleep apnea when the tissues within the back areas of the throat fall back, blocking the airway during sleep. Oral appliance therapy and CPAP machine are conservative ways of treating sleep apnea. However, when these don’t work, we may conduct surgery to remove the tissues blocking the airway to ease breathing and stop snoring. Surgery is required for severe cases of sleep apnea.

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Whenever surgical needs arise, we are happy to take care of your needs. We provide the highest level of dental care regardless of your situation. Our dental surgeries are backed by sedation dentistry to promote comfort and ensure you stay calm as we work on your mouth, gums, teeth, or jawbone.

Visit our oral surgeon in Woodstock, VT, at Sunset Valley Dental to discuss more about your dental surgery procedure.

Oral Surgery
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