One of the most feared procedures when it comes to going to the dentist is the root canal. Most of us remember hearing tales of how painful and invasive the root canal is and how no one ever wants the procedure done. While people still don’t want the procedure done because it means something is wrong with one of their teeth, a root canal is not nearly as scary these days, thanks to modern technology and anesthesia.

If you ask the dentists at Sunset Valley Dental in Woodstock, VT, root canal therapy is fairly routine and a necessary procedure to save a tooth with a damaged or infected root. Rather than pull the tooth or risk further infection, the dentist will perform root canal therapy to save the tooth and keep it in place.

What Does Root Canal Therapy Entail?

Our dentists at Sunset Valley Dental all perform root canal therapy to save teeth with damaged roots. If you notice signs of pain, swelling, or bleeding and think you might have a tooth problem and live in Woodstock, VT, then you need to see us right away so that we can save your tooth.

To perform root canal therapy, the dentist makes a small incision above a tooth to expose the root system. From there, the dentist cleans around the roots and in the canals where the root sits to remove debris and bacteria. The dentist may need to remove dead or damaged root tissue to help protect the healthy roots. They will seal off the canal to prevent further damage before sowing up the entry point. The process is relatively pain-free thanks to anesthesia and generally heals within a few days. If the healing does not begin immediately or you notice new symptoms, returning to the dentist is a good idea, as another tooth or area of the roots may have become infected and must be treated.

Root Canal Therapy
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