Visiting a dentist isn’t something that everyone enjoys. Some patients also have dental anxiety that makes them avoid seeing a dentist even when their visit involves basic cleanings. When you fail to see a dentist, you may have lifelong poor oral health. At Sunset Valley Dental, we understand that every patient looks forward to a comfortable dental chair experience. For that reason, we provide patients with sedation dentistry in Woodstock, VT, to enhance their comfort and ensure they don’t miss that crucial appointment because of dental anxiety or fear.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

Sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry entails administering oral, inhaled, or intravenous medications to patients to allow them to stay calm and relaxed while receiving their dental procedure. In a majority of the cases, a patient remains awake. However, they are in a deep state of relaxation, so they feel less discomfort and may not remember anything about the procedure once it is completed. We utilize sedation dentistry in Woodstock, VT, for various procedures, including cleanings and invasive treatments like wisdom teeth extractions, gum grafts, and dental implants.

What Sedation Do We Offer?

Our dentist provides oral sedation and IV sedation. We choose the appropriate sedation based on the procedure you are receiving and how long it will take to accomplish it.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is preferred for those who want to have a more relaxed experience when undergoing their procedure. Also referred to as conscious sedation, oral sedation is provided in the form of a pill that you take before your procedure. Our dentist will closely monitor your oxygen and blood pressure levels throughout the treatment, ensuring a pleasant and safe experience. We utilize oral sedation dentistry in Woodstock, VT, when receiving procedures such as wisdom teeth removal, dry socket and infections, root canals, and pulling teeth.

You may receive oral sedation if:

  • You want an alternative to laughing gas
  • You hate or fear needles
  • You have gum or teeth sensitivity
  • You plan to undergo extensive dental work
  • You are nervous about seeing a dentist
  • You have a severe gag reflex or TMJ

Patients who choose oral sedation must look for someone to drive them home and take care of little errands before the sedation drug wears off completely.

IV Sedation

For patients with extreme dental anxiety or scheduled for extensive restorative work like full mouth reconstruction or smile makeover, IV sedation dentistry in Woodstock, VT, can be an ideal choice. This sedation entails delivering the medication intravenously. The medication is administered via an IV line attached to the arm. Our dentist will constantly monitor your pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen levels during your treatment and adjust the dose to ensure safety.

You may need IV sedation if you:

  • Have teeth sensitivity
  • Need extensive dental work
  • Have challenges getting numb
  • Require oral surgery
  • Need extensive treatment in one appointment
  • Have an overactive gag reflex
  • Have severe or mild dental anxiety

If you have all four wisdom teeth extracted at once or multiple rotten teeth that need to be removed to have dental implants placed, IV sedation can be used. Other situations that may necessitate IV sedation are inserting multiple dental implants, undergoing jawbone grafts, and having serious root canals such as apicoectomy.

Just like oral sedation, you will need to organize a ride home. The individual assisting you must also stay with you for hours at home while the sedation wears off.

How Long Will Dental Sedation Last?

Oral and IV sedation last several hours, unlike laughing gas, which wears off fast. It may take close to 24 hours before you get to normal. Our dentist will tell you the dos and don’ts of these sedation types so that you know what to expect and ensure you are safe after the treatment.

Consult Us Today!

Visit Sunset Valley Dental today to discover what sedation types we have and which can be applied to your case. Our dentist in Woodstock, VT, will provide all the details regarding sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry
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