What Sets Us Apart

The Sunset Valley Dental Difference

When you’re at Sunset Valley Dental, our focus is always on you. In an attentive, supportive environment that focuses on preventive care and painless visits, we’ll help you attain a lifetime of healthy smiles!

Dr. Jedidiah Janisse, Dr. Margaret Janisse, Dr. Margaret Stone, Dr. Mona Elzarka, and our dental team never forget that we’re here to serve and help. We understand that your clinical situation, along with your lifestyle, goals, and concerns, are unique. We will spend a lot of time talking with you, asking questions, and really listening to what you say. It’s essential for us to know what you need, as well as your clinical issues, so the doctors can find the best treatment approach.

Before starting any procedure, we’ll talk about the process. We’ll explain what’s involved, how it will work, what to expect, and your responsibilities. We’ll also talk about options and encourage questions: We want you to be an educated, knowledgeable advocate for your smile!

Your Comfort

It’s essential that you feel comfortable and at ease during visits to Sunset Valley Dental. Our doctors and team members will ensure you feel safe, cared for, and heard. We genuinely care about you as a person and want to build a personal relationship.

You’ll always be warmly greeted, by name, and we’ll remember our last conversation. We’ll look forward to your visits as a time to learn what’s been happening in your life and with your family, and hope you look forward to coming to see us, too.

Non-Judgmental Care for People with Dental Anxieties

Sometimes people experience dental-related worries and these fears make visiting the dentist a stressful experience. Some people even put off seeing the dentist for years as a result of their anxiety.

If this describes you, we’d like to help. We promise never to judge. Instead, we hope you’ll talk with us about your fears and what has led to your worries. By understanding where you’re coming from, what you’ve experienced, and what makes you afraid of dental care, we can help.

Whatever your dental worries, we can help you overcome your fears and would love to do so!

Schedule a Visit

Please contact our Woodstock, VT dental office to schedule a visit. We welcome patients from Rutland and Hartford, as well as Lebanon, NH, and look forward to meeting you.

It will be our honor to help you achieve your healthiest, most beautiful smile. Call and schedule a visit today!

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