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A dental implant is commonly made of titanium and replaces the root of a missing tooth. Replacement teeth are then placed on the post to provide a natural, durable and esthetic replacement for your missing tooth or teeth.

Dr. Janisse can provide you with an excellent combination of experience and high technology. He is thoroughly trained on the most advanced implant technology, to get your implant done rapidly and right.

Because of his advanced training, Dr. Janisse is able to do the entire dental implant procedure himself –surgical placement of the post and formation and placement of the restoration. You won't have to visit more than one office, or explain your situation to multiple dentists.

Dr. Janisse carefully designs the treatment for each patient so as to ensure the most successful outcome.  With careful attention to detail, he will examine not just your mouth in its current state, but also photographs from earlier stages of your life in order to make certain that your dental restoration fits perfectly and is aesthetically pleasing.

No-Charge Dental Implant Evaluation

Get a personal evaluation with Dr. Janisse to determine if dental implants are an option for you. He will examine you and answer all your questions.

  • Smile evaluation
  • Dr. Janisse will listen to your needs
  • Fully explain your options
  • Review possible procedures
  • Get your questions answered

For your no-charge consultation, call 802-649-8277 or click here to request consultation appointment online.

Rapid replacement with our in-house lab

Dr. Janisse creates the tooth restoration part of the dental implant in his in-office lab using breakthrough CEREC technology (high-quality ceramic restorations) to create a tooth that matches your other teeth in shape and color.

CEREC restorations are milled from a single block of high-quality ceramic, a substance which is particularly compatible with the body and has the same characteristics as normal, healthy dental enamel.

Because of his expertise with advanced CEREC technology, Dr. Janisse can often complete a dental implant in fewer visits. He will design and place your permanent placement tooth right here in our office, with no need to send your specifications to an external lab. And he can make any necessary adjustments right here, again without requiring a return visit.

If your bone structure is adequate, and bone-grafting is not required, Dr. Janisse can place the permanent dental implant, post and tooth restoration, in one visit.

This is significantly less than most implant procedures which require substantial waiting time and a temporary crown while the permanent crown is being manufactured.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Not only does a dental implant fill unsightly gaps in a smile, they are also important to deter bone loss which will occur when a tooth is lost. The titanium post fuses with the bone preventing it from dissolving.

Fixed bridges and removable dentures are not the perfect solution to missing teeth and often bring with them a number of other problems.

When teeth are lost, the bone which held the roots of the teeth starts to dissolve, and so removable dentures — which use this bone for support—may slip or cause sores on the gums because the dentures will not be as stable.

Are you a candidate for dental implants?

The ideal candidate for a dental implant is in good general and oral health. Adequate bone in your jaw is needed to support the implant. Some people who have lost bone in their jaw can still get implants, but the bone must first be rebuilt using special bone-grafting procedures.

If your bone structure is adequate and bone-grafting is not required, the permanent dental implant, post and tooth restoration can be placed in one visit.

People who are currently wearing partial or full dentures can replace these with dental implants, or use implants to stabilize and secure the denture, making it much more comfortable.

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