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Well-Fitting, Natural-Looking Dentures

Dr. Janisse provides his patients with excellent dentures that fit well and restore health and beauty to your mouth.

When Dr. Janisse fits you for dentures, he will do a full work-up, using photos from your childhood, young adulthood, etc. in order to return your smile to its youthful appearance. The proper fitting of dentures is a skill and an art – not an absolute. Poorly made dentures can result in sores, pain and an inability to talk or chew properly. But with properly made and well-fitted dentures, you can enjoy life without worrying about your teeth.


Providing you with quality dentures

Prior to creating your dentures Dr. Janisse will do a full oral examination and discuss with you the different options for dentures that will meet your expectations and more. He provides a No-Charge Consultation, which you can read more about below.

Dr. Janisse only provides high quality full and partial dentures will that fit exactly, will be completely comfortable and without pain and that are stable and will not move around when you eat.

Our full and partial dentures are custom-made using quality materials that look natural and are durable. We ensure that they are the right shape, color and size for a natural look and that the bite (the way your teeth com together) is correct.

There are various types of dentures available, including dentures which are made more stable by the use of implants, a procedure which Dr. Janisse recommends, and can provide right here in our office.



No-Charge denture consultation

You can take advantage of our No-Charge Consultation. Dr. Janisse will listen to any concerns you have and you will be able to get any questions answered, including discussing the pros and cons of using dental implants instead of dentures, and whether you are a candidate for dental implants.

For your no-charge consultation, call 802-649-8277 or click here to request consultation appointment online.


Preventing pain, soreness, chewing problems and denture slippage

Inaccurately fitting dentures are the major cause of a lot of the problems with dentures and there is a technology and art to creating a perfect fit, which Dr. Janisse employs. He has many years of advanced training in denture design and placement and decades of experience handling all kinds of dentures and cases.

Another major cause of denture problems is poor alignment and poor bite (the way your teeth come together and function). Dr. Janisse ensures your dentures are properly aligned, either with each other or with the remainder of your teeth.

Aligning the dentures correctly will also give you a more attractive look and prevent premature wrinkles around the lips or at the corners of the mouth.

Dentures5 This patient received a full upper denture.
Dentures6 After

Using dental implants to stabilize your dentures and prevent bone loss

Dr. Janisse strongly recommends the use of dental implants to stabilize your dentures. This has the added benefit of deterring bone loss. Loss of bone in your mouth can cause eventual difficulties with wearing dentures, jaw problems and even change the appearance of your face, giving a sunken look.

It is also true that dentures provide only 10-15% of pressure that your natural teeth are capable of, making dentures that much weaker as a substitute. The addition of dental implants increases the pressure the dentures can withstand and makes them a much stronger form of tooth replacement.

It is important that you make the right decisions and get the right treatment for you. Give us a call to schedule a No-Charge consultation so that we can help you make these decisions and have teeth that provide you the quality of life you deserve.

For your no-charge consultation, call 802-649-8277 or click here to request consultation appointment online.


Dentures7 Before
Dentures8 After

Before and After

Case History - Dentures

We met this 84 year old patient on July 28, 2005. He had neglected his teeth for quite a few years. His daughter made this appointment for him because she wanted her father to get back to good dental health. His upper teeth were too far gone so on September 20, 2005 We removed his remaining 12 upper teeth and had an "immediate upper denture" ready for him to put right in. He came into the office that day with his own deteriorated and decayed upper teeth and he left with the "immediate upper denture" so he was never outside this office without teeth. In this case there were enough remaining good teeth to serve as support for a non-removable bridge that replaced that replaced his missing lower teeth and which restored his own lower jaw to health.

Dentures9 Before
Dentures10 After

Case History - Dentures

We've known this patient for eleven years. Over those years an effort was made to keep the remaining teeth. Ultimately, as you can see from the picture, keeping the teeth any longer was not possible. A decision was made to remove the remaining teeth and to make dentures. Tremendous care is taken during the denture fabrication process so that the dentures will represent the appearance of the patient's natural teeth. In this case the result was stupendous. The patient was ecstatic and so was his wife. He was so happy that he no longer had to worry about decay and toothaches.

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